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Each month we choose a favorite quote--something fun or something to make you think. See the archive for quotes from previous months.

"They're water guns," Eric said, and the three of them cracked up.

I was actually disappointed. "Give me a break, Eric. Do you think I'll freak if I get a little wet?"

The three of them were grinning strangely. All three guns were pointed at me.

"It's not water," Eric said slowly.

My stomach tightened slowly as my brain shuffled through the possibilities of what else it could be, Vinegar? Better keep my eyes closed. Soap? Ditto. Something smelly, like rotten tomato juice?...Suddenly I saw the disgusting smiles on their faces and realized what it must be--what it had to be.

I screamed and ran.

Eric shouted "Fire!"

           --Elisa Carbone, Starting School with an Enemy   (Knopf, 1998)

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