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The Bulletin Dozen is a monthly theme-based list of titles available only on-line. Since we're awfully fond of bakers here at the Bulletin, we thought we'd adopt their philosophy of generosity and throw in an extra one or two when we have them to offer--so don't expect an even dozen. Please feel free to copy, download, or link to these lists. We ask only that you cite the source. See the archive for lists from previous months.

Stitches and Stories: A Dozen Books About Quilts for Elementary-Graders
--selected by Jeannette Hulick

Mention quilts and quilting and many different thoughts and associations come to mind. Quilts are functional, perfect for keeping us warm on cold February nights, but they are also a unique form of art. Quilts give us a sense of history, whether they are heirlooms handed down from previous generations or new quilts made from scraps of our own family's clothing. When I think of quilts, I think of the pantyhose-stuffed ones my grandmother used to make and of my mother snipping and piecing shapes together amid piles of brightly colored cloth while I made doll clothes with the scraps. Quilts are tangible links to memories of the people, places, and things of our pasts and their patterns and designs tell us stories. In fact, quilts and stories have much in common-both are made up of scraps and pieces stitched together (the seams of the best-made ones are invisible); they are practical and ordinary, yet at the same time they are extraordinary art; strong and warm, they represent an enduring gift of love to their recipients; and at best they outlive their makers and preserve our histories. Use the following books to help introduce this traditional handicraft to children who may never have picked up a needle and thread, or spread a quilt on the floor, gather the kids, and hold a cozy read-aloud session.
--Jeannette Hulick, Reviewer and Editorial Assistant

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