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Starred titles are books of special distinction. See the archive for selections from previous months.

Ahlberg, Allan. The Cat Who Got Carried Away; illus. by Katherine McEwen.
Candlewick, 2003 80p
ISBN 0-7636-2073-4 $15.99
Gr. 2-4

Capuzzo, Michael. Close to Shore: The Terrifying Shark Attacks of 1916.
Crown, 2003 [144p] illus. with photographs
Library ed. ISBN 0-375-92231-8 $18.99
Trade ed. ISBN 0-375-82231-3 $16.95
Gr. 6-10

Farish, Terry. The Cat Who Liked Potato Soup; illus. by Barry Root.
Candlewick, 2003 [32p]
ISBN 0-7636-0834-3 $15.99
5-8 yrs

Going, K. L. Fat Kid Rules the World.
Putnam, 2003 [192p]
ISBN 0-399-23990-1 $17.99
Gr. 9-12

Murphy, Jim. An American Plague: The True and Terrifying Story of the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793.
Clarion, 2003 [176p] illus. with photographs
ISBN 0-395-77608-2 $17.00
Gr. 5-10

Pattison, Darcy. The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman; illus. by Joe Cepeda.
Harcourt, 2003 48p
ISBN 0-15-202329-1 $16.00
5-9 yrs

Simmons, Michael. Pool Boy.
Porter/Roaring Brook, 2003 164p
Library ed. ISBN 0-7613-2924-2 $22.90
Trade ed. ISBN 0-7613-1885-2 $15.95
Gr. 7-12

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