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Starred titles are books of special distinction. See the archive for selections from previous months.

Bartoletti, Susan Campbell  Hitler Youth:  Growing Up in Hitler's Shadow.
Scholastic, 2005  176p  illus. with photographs
ISBN 0-439-35379-3  $19.95
Gr. 8-12

Fradin, Dennis Brindell  Let It Begin Here!:  Lexington & Concord:  First Battles of the American Revolution; illus. by Larry Day.
Walker, 2005  32p
Library ed. ISBN 0-8027-8946-3  $17.85
Trade ed. ISBN 0-8027-8945-5  $16.95
Gr. 3-6

Lion, Melissa  Upstream.
Lamb, 2005  149p
Library ed. ISBN 0-385-90877-6  $17.99
Trade ed. ISBN 0-385-74643-1  $15.95
Gr. 8-12

McKay, Hilary  Permanent Rose.
McElderry, 2005  [240p]
ISBN 1-4169-0372-0  $15.95
Reviewed from galleys
Gr. 5-9

Rosoff, Meg  Meet Wild Boars; illus. by Sophie Blackall.
Holt, 2005  [40p]
ISBN 0-8050-7488-0  $15.95
Reviewed from galleys
4-6 yrs

Spillebeen, Geert  Kipling's Choice; tr. by Terese Edelstein.
Houghton, 2005  [160p]
ISBN 0-618-43124-1  $16.00
Reviewed from galleys
Gr. 7-10

Volponi, Paul  Black and White.
Viking, 2005  [160p]
ISBN 0-670-06006-2  $15.99
Reviewed from galleys
Gr. 7-10

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