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The Big Picture, a regular Bulletin feature both on-line and off, is an in-depth look at selected new titles and trends. We're taking a break from the usual this month to bring you a feature on ourselves. See the archive for selections from previous months.

You Can’t Go Home Again—but We Hope You’ll Still Keep in Touch

We get to know one another pretty well here at the Bulletin and the Center, and we miss our alums when they go. One of the best part of conferences is catching up with people we used to work with every day and finding out what they’re up to now. Such an encounter with the lovely Linda Fenster at ALA in Anaheim brought forth a plan to make such catching up less random.

So we hereby announce the Bulletin and Center Alumni News. Whether you were a student assistant, reviewer, or editor (hi, Roger, Janice, and Betsy!), we’d love to hear where you are and what you’re up to. Personal, professional, and uncategorizable updates are all welcome. This is your chance to check in with those you labored with in the green world of the Regenstein, shelved with in the back of beyond at Gerty Drive, shared card-catalog-stocked bathrooms with on Armory Avenue, or joined with in celebrating our plush current premises at GSLIS itself.

We’ll send out the compilation to those who’ve contacted us when we achieve critical mass; we’ll also post it on a website page (omitting any information we’re instructed to and spamblocking any included emails) so that people can check news out between news mailings.

So send an email to ""-bccb, at, preferably with “Alumni News” in the subject heading; let us know roughly when and where you gave us your blood, sweat, and tears, what you’re up to now, and anything you’d rather limit to the mailing alone.

        Here's what we look like these days.  And here we are at the Bulletin review meeting—we’re lively because we know there’s cake coming today  ...along with a new Bulletin baby!

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This page was last updated on August 1, 2008.