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The Bulletin Dozen is a monthly theme-based booklist available as an online-only Bulletin feature. Since we're awfully fond of bakers here at the Bulletin, we thought we'd adopt their philosophy of generosity and throw in an extra one or two when we have them to offer--so don't expect an even dozen. Please feel free to copy, download, or link to these lists. We ask only that you cite the source. See the archive for lists from previous months.

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April Showers:  A Wet Dozen

--selected by Deborah Stevenson, Editor

Since we're preparing for the proverbial April showers (or, here in the Midwest, April downpours), we thought it was time for an updated celebration of water itself, whether it be tame or wild, benefit or threat.  If you want to get in even deeper, look also at our previous water dozen from May 2002.

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