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1997 Blue Ribbon Dissents

The participants in the Blue Ribbon meetings are a tough room; begging, pleading, and offers of bribes won't get a title past a reviewer who sees glaring flaws where the proponent finds fresh originality or tender lyricism. This means that many of us really loved books that didn't ultimately make it onto the Blue Ribbon list. This year, we decided that the Bulletin website (unofficial motto: "It's Our Website, and We Can Do Whatever We Want") would, á la the Supreme Court, allow each of us a chance to go on the record with the one book we particularly regret omitting from the list. So here are our dissents.

--Deborah Stevenson, Assistant Editor

Seven Brave Women Image Cover illustration
by Bethanne Andersen from
Seven Brave Women,
Copyright 1997. Used by
permission of Greenwillow.

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