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Art from Goodnight Everyone
© 2016 by Chris Haughton and used by permission of Candlewick Press on behalf of Walker Books.

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Welcome to the homepage of The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books, one of the nation's leading children's book review journals for school and public librarians.

Zzzzzz...or maybe not. Little ones are not always ready (or willing) to be sent off to dream land when it comes to bedtime, but a good book usually does the trick. This month's Big Picture, Goodnight Everyone written and illustrated by Chris Haughton, is a particularly clever sleepy time book, following Little Bear as he attempts to find a playmate among the other the animals, who are quietly tucking themselves in. If that doesn't quite cut it, you can use our soporific quote of the month to bring about sweet dreams. And if those efforts are fruitless, well, there's plenty of titles in our list of starred books to keep insomniacs of all ages company as they while away the nighttime hours.

That special season is upon us once more (even the tunes at the mall are telling us), so get out the wrapping paper and get ready for our 2016 Guide Book to Gift Books! This updated and revised edition will help you with all your shopping needs--because who gives anything besides books, right? Over three hundred titles, annotated and organized by age group, will help you select the perfect books for giving (or adding to your own list).

Curious about how The Bulletin works? The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books is the only major reviewing periodical for children's literature whose entire reviewing staff meets regularly, reads and discusses everyone else's reviews for the issue. Check out this video to learn more about our Bulletin reviewing team!

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