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December’s Big Picture

Political drama, surprising betrayals, deceitful enemies and friends, plot twist after plot twist–this month’s Big Picture has got it all. In Ink, Alice Broadway constructs a new and enticing world with a government akin to 1984’s Big Brother and where tattooed bodies tell all a person’s lineage, profession, successes, and failure, making the most private of secrets public. Leora Flint, recent graduate and apprentice inker, is grieving the death of her father when she finds a mark on his skin revealing a hidden and terrible crime. The story’s looming questions of identity and social justice add appeal to this already intricate story.

The 2017 Guide Book to Gift Books is here!

The holiday season brings a host of gift giving opportunities and we’re here to help! Ourwrapped-package latest Guide Book to Gift Books is updated and revised edition to assist you with all your shopping needs–because who gives anything besides books, right? With over one hundred titles, annotated and organized by age group, our choices are sure to please even your most challenging recipient–and there’s always the bonus of adding a few books to your own TBR list to use that gift card on.

ribbon-w_-star2016’s Blue Ribbons

Blue Ribbons are awarded to books that the Bulletin staff have selected to be the best of the year. This year is full of surprises, including delightful titles in folklore and nonfiction.

2017 Gryphon Award

The recipients of the 2017 Gryphon awards have been announced.  The titles chosen best exemplify those qualities that successfully bridge the gap in difficulty between books for reading aloud to children and books for practiced readers.The award is sponsored by the Center for Children’s Books at the School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

ALA awards

The American Association has announced its Youth Media Awards. You can check out the full list here or at the ALA website.

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 Art from Ink © 2017 used by permission of Scholastic Press.