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May’s Big Picture

A silhouette of a boy and a dog walk atop a silhouette of a girl's head.Gabe in the After

By Shannon Doleski

Fourteen-year-old Gabe is pretty certain it’s the end of the world after a virus ripped through and collapsed modern society. Yet when an upbeat newcomer joins Gabe’s small group of survivors, his cynicism is challenged by her reminders that life and joy can continue, even in dire times. Current readers of Doleski’s Gabe in the After might share Gabe’s sentiments, as events once relegated to history books—a global pandemic, an international war, an unstable world order—are now very much in the present, complicated by the existential threat of climate change. If it’s not the end of the world, life certainly feels unsteady, but this month’s Big Picture invites readers to find that tender, elusive spot between resigned nihilism and blind hope in a world that is both brutal and beautiful.

2021 Blue Ribbon Awards

2021 Blue RibbonsIn a year of continued uncertainty, a steady stream of brilliant books comforted, challenged, and charged us to push forward through difficult circumstances. We offer our guide of the best books of 2021 in the hope we can support those struggling to get the right books into the hands of the right reader.

75 Years of Children’s Literature

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ALA Awards

The American Association has announced its Youth Media Awards. You can check out the full list on our awards page or at the ALA website.

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Cover illustration © Minnie Phan, from Gabe in the After by Shannon Doleski. Used with permission of Amulet/Abrams.