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March’s Big Picture

Cover of Enter the Body by Joy McCullough

Revisions and reinventions of Shakespearean classics are nothing new in youth literature, but in this month’s Big Picture, Enter the Body, author Joy McCullough gives voice to the Bard’s dead heroines Juliet, Cordelia, and Ophelia. At first pass, their tellings cover familiar ground, the girls are not content with illuminating the stories many readers already know. So they try again: how might they shape their stories differently, given the chance? Suppose a mother lives; suppose a father listens. Suppose a lover is a true partner. What then? Can tragedy be transformed? If so, how? If not, is a better way possible, even if the end is the same?

We’re hiring!

The Bulletin is looking for new reviewers to join our team! Applications will be accepted until January 15, 2023. To view the full job description, click here.

2022 Blue Ribbons Announced

Our best books of the year for 2022 is available now! We were lucky this year to see a sizeable increase in the diverse identities and ideas represented in literature for youth, and with that in mind, we couldn’t help but expand our own award list—there were just too many stellar examples of our field’s growing inclusivity. Happy reading!

75 Years of Children’s Literature

Drawing of a clock

The 75th volume year of the Bulletin is being commemorated in a digital timeline exhibit at https://ccb.ischool.illinois.edu/ccb75/. As the Bulletin prepares to move into its future, take a look at its past, in glorious black and white and on bleed-through onionskin paper.

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